HYBRID – Superposition typologies


queens-road-central-hk(Queen’s road Central sidewalks- Conceptual)


HYBRID URBAN TYPOLOGY : The case of Hong Kong

Without a ground, there can be no figure either. In fact, Hong Kong lacks any of the traditional figure-ground relationships that shape urban space: axis, edge, center, even fabric. Cities Without Ground explores this condition by mapping three-dimensional circulation networks that join shopping malls, train stations and public transport interchanges, public parks and private lobbies as a series of spatial models and drawings. These networks, though built piecemeal, owned by different public and private stakeholders, and adjacent to different programs and uses, form a continuous space of variegated environments that serves as a fundamental public resource for the city. The emergence of the shopping malls as spaces of civil society rather than of global capital— as grounds of resistance— comes as a surprise.


Some projects linked :

Bibliothèque de Jussieu / R. Koolhaas

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Downtown Athletic Club / R. Koolhaas.

Dutch Pavillon / MVRDV


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