According to its acronym, Alice's main focus is space

new dates guided tours - house 1

News dates for guided tours of the House 1 project are scheduled between 11:00-17:00 on Monday 13th & Friday 24th of June and on Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th of July. All guided tours are free of charge. Click here for more information about House 1 and here for the facebook page of House 1.

Y1 final presentations, symposiums & open house

photos by Selen Karakoc, Pedro Maiurano, Rudi Nieveen, Joanne Nussbaum

Y1 house 1 - état des lieux

photos by Guillaume Pause, Selen Karakoc & Joanne Nussbaum


Last week the PROTOSTRUCTURE was built by a group of first year students under the supervision of the ALICE team. It is now the beginning of the project HOUSE 1, that will evolve until the end of the summer. Next deadline: installation of 12 studio projects for the end of May.

ALICE team:
Dieter Dietz, Daniel Zamarbide, Raffael Baur, Edouard Cabay, Laurent Chassot, Nicolas Durr, Margherita Del Grosso, Alexa den Hartog Stéphane Grandgirard, Patricia Guaita, Agathe Mignon, Andrea Pellacani, Laura Perez Lupi, Anne-Chantal Rufer, Wynd van der Woude


with: Rémy Meylan, wood engineer Atelier MUG and the precious help of Thibaud Smith.

Students: Léon Bührer, Constantin Guichard, Antonin Reber, Marc Délez, Manuel Zuloaga, Margaux Clivaz, Selen Karakoc, Aloys Mützenberg, Timon Stricker, Jonathan Fraschini, Erblin Jasiqi, Antonin Mack, Mathieu Stutz, Era Këri, Marièle Kupper, Pedro Maiurano, Alexandre Bron, Enéa Cordoba, Maria Loizou, Yekan Deli, Nicolas Otti, Diana Ugnat, Marilyn Brühlmann, Grégory Kramer, Michael Göhring, Jérôme Lauper, Bryan Parvex, Axelle Bosman, Nathan Voyame, Giovanni Abdalla, Stéphanie Deliyski, Maud Abbé-Decarroux, Tomislav Levak, Enrico Margaroli

y1 critique intermédiaire M3 - ROOMS

wintertime @ 2055 les diablerets

photos by Gregoire Droz

booklaunch & panel discussion - All About Space Vol.1

y1 critique finale - planes


Park Books, 2015
ISBN 978-3-03860-003-9

ALICE EPFL is pleased to announce the first volume of ALL ABOUT SPACE, by Dieter Dietz and Daniel Zamarbide (editors), with main texts by Matthias Michel, photographs by Dylan Perrenoud and graphic design by Jonas Voegeli. The book launch @EPFL will be held in 2016.

The four consecutive volumes of the series ALL ABOUT SPACE aim at sharing the “ALICE experience” with the public. It combines fact, fiction and speculation with approaches to work at the ALICE laboratory, focussing on the creative understanding of space as a human condition. In consequence, the first volume extrapolates how space is “invented” in terms of the various cultural practices involved with spatial design. The story is told in text, pictures and graphics. It sets out to capture the arbitrary individual experience and pushes forward into the common invention and comprehension of space, embracing topics like the “history”, the “metaphysics”, or the “politics” of space, the “environmental”, the “virtual” and the “simulative” space, and ends up with exploring the spatial conditions of thought, emotion, fantasy and imagination.

Thus, this ambitious project turns the ALICE emphasis on architecture as part of something bigger than the assembly of isolated objects into an adventurous narrative. The following volumes will be published annually until 2018.

new alice y4 project - 2055 les diablerets

2055 is a temporary landmark to promote soft forms of mobility and offer pedestrian tourists a visual, tactile, and auditory experience in the Swiss Alps.

In August, 18 EPFL architecture master students erected a temporary landmark in Les Diablerets called 2055. The name is a reference to the altitude at which it stands, but it is also an invitation to contemplate the not so distant future. 2055 is one of three projects that students developed during the ALICE Y4 architectural studio held during last spring semester at EPFL. It was then refined and prefabricated during a 6-week summer workshop that brought together the 18 master’s students during their summer break. The structure is also a musical instrument, which is played by professionals during a concert last August and remain open to anyone who wants to produce echoes in the mountains. Sitting on a natural formation of rocks, it is located at the center of a natural amphitheater, within which notes played on its piano-string harp can resonate. The mandate to build the structure came from ecovillages, an association dedicated to promoting sustainable development in alpine environments, which was hosting a conference in Les Diablerets on the topic of “mobility.” 2055 will be open to the public for three months, before it is taken down. Click here for a video.

alice @ exhibition opening - book for architects

ALICE EPFL is part of the exhibition opening Book for Architects at the ETH Zurich curated by Fredi Fischli, Andri Gerber and Niels Olsen. The opening will be on Tuesday, 29 September 2015, 6 pm at ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg, HIL, E1. There will be a talk with Arno Brandlhuber and Christian Kerez, moderated by Stephan Trüby.

Architects write books, read books, love books and collect books. Books loom large for architects – books that endeavor to talk about architecture, books that are a source of inspiration, a forum for polemics, an expression of dreams, wishful thinking and so much more. This exhibition showcases a historical selection of special “books for architects” as well as commentary on books by contemporary architects, historians and theorists, who, in various forms, conceptually and concretely explore a great many aspects of books for architects. Selected items are spatially arranged within the exhibition, moreover, for a mise en scène of reading, writing and collecting books.

For more info click here.

new alice y1 program inside paris online

INHABITING UNFINISHED ARCHITECTURE is a workshop that took place in Catania (I) from the 6-9 of March 2015, involving 53 Y1 architecture students from studios DEL GROSSO, DEN HARTOG, FANTINI and PELLACANI. The project explores the specific spatial conditions of the area of San Berillo and transcribes them in 13 installations set in the unfinished rooms of Museo REBA, an important cultural organization located at the heart of the unfinished neighborhood. ALL PICTURES © ANNA POSITANO 


From May 29th and until August 30th the results of the Inhabiting the cloud(s) workshop are exhibited at H3K (Haus der elektronischen Künste) in Basel. The material presented, part of the « Poetics and Politics of Data » exhibition, includes work by ALICE Master students Anne-Charlotte Astrup, Francesco Battaini, Tanguy Dyer and Delphine Passaquay.


This video is made in the framework of the study trip of studioNIEVEEN in March 2015. The concept of this study trip was to visit 6 cities in 3 days with limited time to spend and a specific exercise to execute in each city. The goal was to stimulate the awareness of time and space being constantly on the move using different transportation systems (planes, trains, metro, bus, bike etc.) triggering observations. Videography by Adrian Meredith ( & Rudi Nieveen (ALICE EPFL).

final presentations Y1

The ALICE Y1 final presentations took place on Tuesday May 27th in the Forum Rolex Learning Center. There were two short lectures by Areti Markopoulou and Carme Pinos. On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th the individual presentations were held in the ateliers.

final presentations y4 - les diablerets

alice @ mapping festival geneva

ALICE_y1 made an installation for the Mapping Festival 2015 in Geneva. The installation is on display until May 17th at the BAC and is featuring wooden corners created by first year students. For more images click here and video here. Thanks to Céline Phan, Noélie Lecoanet, Eda Senn, Alexane Varone, Julia Martignoni, Tanguy Caversaccio, Antoine Bechet, Tim Cousin, Thibault Krauer, Samuel Jaccard, Laura Primiceri, Lorain Bernasconi, Sarah Gudit, Melina Ehrler, Sven Engelmann, Susanne Schneider, Manon Fantini, Rudi Nieveen.

lecture junya ishigami in forum rolex learning center

ALICE preparations @ mapping festival geneva

ALICE_y1 is working on an installation for the Mapping Festival 2015 which takes place in Geneva from 7th until 17th of May. More information and images will follow soon. The installation will feature wooden corners created by first year students and will be activated by video artist during the festival.

midterm presentations M3

alice workshop presentations

The results of the workshops Montreux Jazz Pavilion and Inhabiting the Cloud(s) have been presented on friday 2nd of February at the EPFL+ECAL LAB in Renens. Participants: Anne-Charlotte Astrup, Francesco Battaini, Yannick Claessens, David Colombini, Tanguy Dyer, Antoine Faivre, Francisco Marin, Amandine Ischer, Mélanie Lai, Jonas Müller, Delphine Passaquay, Charlotte Roche-Meredith, Laura Schwendimann, Rolando Valarezo, Nicolas Wehrle.
Invited guests: Ana Ascencio, Justine Beaujouan, Nicolas Henchoz, Andrew Sempere.
Thanks to: Tommaso Colombo, Dieter Dietz, Caroline Dionne, Cédric Duchêne, Manon Fantini, Thomas Favre-Bulle, Karian Foehr, Patrick Keller, Lucien Langton, Rudi Nieveen, Delphine Ribes, Suzanne Schneider

y1 critique finale - planes

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final presentations alice y1 // y4

y1 critique intermédiaire - elements

booklaunch & vernissage alice y1

Tonight, Wednesday 17th of September at 18:00 there will be the booklaunch of our new yearbook ALICE Y1 201314 and the vernissage of the 'BestOf 2013/14' exhibition in the foyer SG. There will be introductions by Dieter Dietz & Alexandre Blanc. This event is in collaboration with Archizoom. The 'BestOf' catalogue and the yearbook will be available for reduced prices on the moment of the event.

new y1 program online

fall semesters 2014

y4 critique finale - hyper station

y1 critique finale - 256 tours

final presentations alice y1 // y4

Lecture Matthew Johnson - The High Line, NY

Public lecture of Matthew Johnson on wednesday 14th of may 2014, 18h30, Auditorium SG1
More than 10 million people have visited the High Line since it’s opening in 2009. The aim was to preserve and reuse an old train line and convert it into a public open space. This landscape and architectural masterpiece, cleverly balancing conservation, rehabilitation, vegetation, urban props and furniture, became an iconic elevated greenway with a major impact on the society and on the development of NYC. It has helped usher in something of a renaissance in the neighborhood: more than 30 projects were planned or are under construction nearby. The High Line has changed the perspective on urban wasteland.

This event is organized by ALICE y4 lab and Archizoom, EPFL

new material 'Porte des Savoirs' online

image © Joel Tettamanti

image © Joel Tettamanti

Y1 CADRAGES - critique intermédiaire

critique intermédiaire y1 // lectures by Diane H. Lewis & Olivier Ottevaere in forum rolex learning center

Upcoming monday 31st of March and Tuesday 1st of April there will be the midterm critics of the y1 students of ALICE in the Forum Rolex Learning Center and in the ateliers TP AAD101, AAD201 & AAC201. As invited guests there will be Diane H. Lewis, architect from New York and professor of the Cooper Union. She will give a public lecture on monday evening at 18h30 in the Forum of the Rolex Learning Center entitled DESIGNO : SKETCHES / PLANS / CORPOREALITY. Olivier Ottevaere, architect and professor HKU in Hong Kong will also give a lecture entitled MAKING WAYS & WAYS OF MAKING in the morning at 10h00 before the event. Daniel Zamarbide, professor of HEAD, University of Art and Design in Geneva and one of the founding members of group8, will be joining the jury on monday.
See the posters for more information about the presentations and lectures.

new design research project: porte des savoirs

Porte des Savoirs - Embodied experience of Immersion and Information Flow is a new project of EPFL+ECAL LAB and ALICE studio EPFL. The initial question at the origin of this research-by-design project touches on fundamental and critical notions involving our information age. Is it possible to create the sensation of bodily immersion from something that is, by nature, rather intellectual such as the reading of text? The context of the project adds yet another dimension: located at the outskirts of the city of Lausanne, at the entry station to the subway line, it aims at our perception of the urban environment. Entering the city can foster the experience of density in physical spaces, objects and encounters, and likewise stimulate knowledge and information production. Literally streaming information into the public space, the project thus challenges our understanding of such an experience.

y1 & y4 spring semesters started

According to its acronym, Alice's main focus is space
luna st prex classics 2013 moments
This video shows the structure of LUNA for St Prex Classics together with artists performing during the festival like Nelson Freire, Svetlana Zakharova & Vadim Repin, Xavier de Maistre, John Malkovich & Wiener Akademie, Anne Sofie von Otter, Paul Meyer & Pepe Lienhard Big Band.

alice design research projects on designboom

y1 habiter mon horizon critique finale

final presentations alice y1 // y4

red dot award for alice publications

The design of Jonas Vögeli, Hubertus Design, Zurich won the Red Dot Award for Communication Design 2013 with the set of books they created for ALICE. 'They were conceptualised as a series and are characterised by a design that boldly eschews any specific design focus in its creation and conventional terminologies in its categorisation. Thus calling for a new approach, the notion of corporate design itself has been expanded and defined in accordance with architectural discourse.' More information on Red Dot Award

design research project 'avenches' on RTS


A preliminary study of ALICE shows that it would be possible to make a removable cover of Avenches arenas using innovative design and materials of last generation. Click here for the official press release. Click here for a RTS interview with professor Dieter Dietz.

y1 M2 debat quatre tables

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab winner design prize switzerland edition 2013/14!!!
On Friday, 1 November 2013, Design Prize Switzerland was awarded for the twelfth time at the Langenthal Market Hall. Out of 37 nominations, the jury of distinguished international experts conferred awards on a total of 12 products or projects – more than ever before in the 22 years of the prizeʼs history. The Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab design research project won a price in the category MARKET INTERIOR. All nominated and prizewinning works will be on view at Mühleweg 14 in Langenthal from 2 November 2013 to 26 January 2014. More information on

y1 M1 debat ARPENTER

video Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab online

vernissage AIRBORNE Y1 /// BESTOF 2012/13

nominations Design Prize Switzerland

The St Prex Luna design research project has been nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland edition 2013/14 in the category 'Newcomer'. The competition, which is held every two years, is designed to boost the importance of Swiss design, so prizes are awarded for outstanding performance in seven professional fields.

The Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab design research project has been nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland edition 2013/14 in the category 'Market'. The exhibition of the nominations will be from 02/11/2013-26/01/2014 in Langenthal. More information on

booklaunch & exhibition

On Thursday 19th of September at 17:30 there will be the booklaunch of AIRBORNE Y1 2012/13 and the vernissage of the 'BestOf 2012/13' exhibition in the foyer SG. This event is in collaboration with Archizoom. The 'BestOf' catalogue and the yearbook will be available for reduced prices on the moment of the event.

fall semesters 2013

luna construction 2013!

St Prex Luna